Used Car Sales Londonderry

We buy cars - and sell cars. Car Sales Londonderry is about the best source for car sellers & buyers looking for a fair deal. We have been in the auto industry for many years and have used all our years of expertise to provide our customers with exemplary auto buying and selling services. Our customers depend on a reliable source for used car sales, as well as a Reliable Car Buyer, and at Penrith Car Sales, we are both. We buy hundreds of vehicles a year and are known for our top cash offers and quick buying process.

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Selling Your Used Car to Us

When selling a used car, there are things you look for in a buyer. Legitimacy is number one. We are a legitimate car buyer, one that is reliable, offering top cash prices for cars & trucks. We service Londonderry with an exceptional way to sell a car. We buy it outright for cash. When you have a pre-owned car that you would like to get sold, there’s no better place than with Car Sales Londonderry.

Buying A Car from Us

Car Sales Londonderry is a reliable source for used car sales. If a vehicle is on our lot, you can be sure that the details of the vehicle are accurate, and the car is in good shape. We have built and maintained our reputation as a trustworthy car buyer as well as the seller, and there is no other way to do so than with quality used car sales in Londonderry. We are a used car seller Londonderry that offers great value for money in a used car. Rely on us for used car sales Londonderry.

Free Used Car Valuations

At Penrith Car Sales, we have a separate car buying department. Our appraisers and sales staff provide our customers with a cost-effective, quick and convenient way to sell cars and trucks in Londonderry. We are not the typical buyer that requires you to sit at a table with our sales staff to negotiate a price. Yes. We do inspect your vehicle to ensure that we make an accurate offer for the car or truck, but we don’t spend hours in the process. Our appraisers are accurate with the quotes they provide and can provide an upfront cash quote for your used car over the phone. If the price sounds right, then you can schedule a time to get the car sold. Our mechanic will come with a sales staff member of Penrith Car Sales to inspect the car, confirming that our appraiser was provided with an accurate description, and the paperwork and cash to purchase the car or truck.

Our appraisers work from 8:30 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. If you prefer to obtain a quote online, please complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

Why Selling Your Car to Us Offers the Advantage?

When you sell your car to us, you have the advantage of:

We buy all brands of cars, including but not limited to:

For more information on our car buying or Used Car Sales Londonderry, contact us today. Call us at 02 4732 1005.