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When is the Right Time to Replace Spark Plugs of Your Car?

An ignition in your car is not possible without spark plugs. Your car cannot start moving if it weren’t for spark plugs. That is why if anything goes wrong with the spark plugs, the fuel in the car cylinders would not ignite and thus your car would not start. Therefore, you need to keep a check on the spark plugs and make sure they are clean so that that you get the best out of your vehicle. Penrith Car Sales is here to share top 4 warning signs to notice for replacing the spark plugs of your car:

1. Engine Sound

After getting a hold of your car, you finally become familiar with the sounds your car makes. A rough sound made by your engine that causes your car to vibrate means that there is a problem with your spark plugs. You can avoid costly damages if you replace your faulty spark plugs on time.

2. Car Would Not Start

It does not always mean that your car battery is dead if you are unable to start the car. Sometimes a faulty spark plug can be the reason for your engine not being able to start. Like said above, a spark plug is responsible for igniting the fuel for the engine to run. If there is a problem with a spark plug and it fails to ignite then you cannot get moving. Your battery can drain due to faulty spark plug so make sure you replace your spark plugs on time to avoid double expense in the end.

3. The Tank Needs Fuel Refill Often

If your car is consuming too much fuel even though you are not driving longer distances than usual then it is another sign that your spark plugs need a replacement. The reason for the more fuel consumption is combustion is not completed due to lack of proper ignition from the spark plug.

4. Slow Acceleration

If you are not able to apply acceleration properly, and your car takes time to speed up, then you need to make a spark plug replacement. If your spark plug takes time, your vehicle will too respond late when you accelerate.

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