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Should You Buy a Used Car in Penrith

  • December 12, 2016
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If it’s time to purchase a car, you may be wondering whether to choose new or used. You also have the option of visiting a dealer or buying from a private party. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. At Penrith Car Sales we make the purchase of a Used Car straightforward and easy. We provide top quality second-hand cars at an affordable price. Here’s how to determine if you should buy a Used Car in Penrith.

Get Great Value with a Used Car in Penrith

When you are considering if you should buy a new or Used Car then there are some factors to take into account. Most car owners that purchase brand new do so because of the low risk. If you buy a new car, you will receive a full warranty that covers a few years with the option to extend the warranty period. You will inevitably pay more for new and this cost can't be recuperated. As soon as you drive away, your car will begin to lose its value. Your new car will continue to depreciate at a higher rate for the first few years.

Another reason consumers choose to buy new is due to the better financing options available. However, if you shop around you can get a great deal for Used Car finance. Higher registrations and insurance premiums outweigh the amount you could save on financing. Even if you require financing, it's more advantageous to purchase a second-hand vehicle.

Purchase a Used Car in Penrith with Confidence

If you are looking at buying a car and taking into account value then used is the way to go. With technological advancements, cars are built to last longer. You can look for a car that is a couple of years old that looks new, drives well and is a fraction of the price.