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Selling it for Cash vs Donating Your Car

There comes a time when you need to make a decision to part ways with your car. You have two options either donate it or sell it for cash. Both options have their own sets of pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which is right for you.

Donating your car

The main advantage of donating your car is the tax return you receive. However, donating a car is more complicated than it seems. You have to find a qualified charity, understand the fair market value and determine whether or not donating your car is even worth gathering all the required proper paperwork. An extensive research is required to donate your car. Not all the charities advertised in the newspapers are legitimate charities. So, do not get fooled and do your due diligence.

Pros of Donating Your Car

1. You help people in need by donating your car to charity. You contribute to make the world a better place to live and it also gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.
2. You get rid of something unwanted.
3. Donations are tax deductible.

Cons of Donating a Car

1. Car donations bring no money. Not a con if you don’t need money; definitely a con if you are in dire the need of some quick cash.
2. You can’t avoid paperwork.
3. Some charities are scams.

Selling your car for cash

The quickest and easiest way to make money is by Selling your Used Car for Cash. There are three great pros to expect out of selling your car for cash, specifically through Penrith Car Sales. To get a quote all you need to do is call a cash for car company and give a full description of your car. The company representative will come to meet you and tow the car away, paying you on the spot.

The main benefit of selling your old car for cash is you get a fair market price in cash on the spot even before your vehicle is towed away. The process is simple and quick.

Pros of Selling Your Car for Cash

1. Selling your car for cash is the easiest way to earn money especially if you sell it to a dealer.
2. Dealers will handle all the necessary paperwork - no hassles for you.
3. You get cash on the spot and free towing of a vehicle.

Cons of Selling Your Car for Cash

1. You will have to put your energy, time and money on cleaning and repairing the car inside and out to make it more appealing to interested buyers.
2. You may encounter scammers and end up risking your vehicle, a ton of money or both

If you have decided to sell your car for cash, contact Penrith Car Sales and earn top dollar cash and get rid of the old vehicle within 24 hours. Call us now at (02) 4732 1005.

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