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Disadvantages of Selling Your Car privately

  • March 30, 2017
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So you’ve considered all the advantages of selling your car to a private party. Like if you sell your car privately, they say you can get near the retail value. Why sell it to a dealer, right? But have you considered the flip side?

Here are some of the drawbacks of selling your vehicle privately to help you make an informed decision.

Spending tons of time, money, and effort

You’ve decided to sell your vehicle privately. Maybe you thought it was as simple as cleaning your car up, posting an online ad and voila! However, in reality, you will need to dedicate a whole weekend into cleaning your car inside and out. You don’t want to turn away potential buyers when they see the interior of your car.

You will also probably need to hire a mechanic. It is essential to make sure your vehicle won’t break down shortly after you sell it and have the buyer coming back. As a basic precaution, you would need to have all fluids and tires checked out. You might need to hunt down any relevant records on your vehicle related to repair or maintenance, in order to show your potential buyers proof of a well-kept car.

After that, you’ll need to post an ad. Firstly, you’ll need to create one. Take pictures of your car, note down all the specifications. Then find places to post it, preferably online. That might cost you money, as free ads don’t have much luck.

And finally, you’ll have to ensure you answer all calls, messages and emails you get about the car. All of this time spending can be an inconvenience to you, especially if you have a busy routine.

Showing the car, test drives, potential scams

You will need more time to invest once potential buyers start showing up. It will be a hassle trying to fish out serious potential buyers. You will have to send extra information, answer all their queries, and send more pictures of your vehicle, with the possibility that they might not be interested in the end. Another thing to worry about are scammers. Test drives can be a hassle and a security risk, too.

Selling your car for a lower price

After all your efforts and time invested, you find someone who wants to buy your vehicle. But they want to negotiate the price. If you stay firm on your asking price, the potential buyer might choose not to buy the car. This will make you have to restart the whole process again.

A common and rather convenient solution is to contact a reputable company that can buy your vehicle from you. Major and reputable companies like Penrith Car Sales can offer you a free evaluation on their site, or can send a consultant your way. They also pay you competitive rates, on the spot in cash or any other way you prefer.

No more hassles, no more time wasting on cleaning your cars, no records required – one simple call and that’s it!

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